We have created a wonderful place just for you in beautiful historic Nauplio. It is in fact located in the centre of the traditional part of the city. It has been designed with impeccable taste and a lot of personal care. Our accommodation boasts all the modern amenities decorated with hand made art. Our comfortable apartments offer pleasant surroundings for your stay. The view from our rooms is breathtaking. It’s apartment has it’ s own balcony facing the historic castle (Palamidi) and the Port.

Another important advantage is that our location is just a minute away from all the museums, Dikastiriou, Kapodistriou, Dimarcheiou squares as well as Constitution (Syntagmatos) square, which is the place where all the important events and festivities take place. Christmas,Carnivals, Easter events as well as the Marathon are just a few. The picturerescue narrow streets, the banks,Arvanitia Beach, the bus station and Public parking are all just a breath away.